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September 2021 Update:
To all my customers,

Firstly, thank you for your patronage over the years. I have received many emails from purchasers of Archer Watches who were thrilled with them, and your support has been very much appreciated.

Secondly, due to challenges sourcing parts for my watches, I have made the decision to wind down the new watch business, and focus on servicing and restoration from now on. The new watch side of my business has always been a rather small part of what I do, and the main focus has been on servicing, repairs, and restoration of watches. That side of the business continues to grow to the point that I cannot take in all the work I'm asked to do. It is a great situation to be in and I want to focus my energy in this arena.

Thanks again to all those who have purchased an Archer watch, and I am certainly still available for servicing of those watches into the future.

Cheers, Al